IT Security of User-centric Systems

The integration of digital technologies into life opens many great opportunities and yields manifold threats to security. The increase and variety of threats calls for a holistic perspective of modern cyber security on technology and users.

  • Security of user systems in information technology
  • Data privacy and anonymity
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Thread detection and incident response
  • Security awareness

The Competence Center on cyber security of user-centric systems addresses the areas of user-oriented computer security. This includes especially the fields of authentication, privacy, technical protection of data, and aspects of usable security. Systems of interest regarding security include classic computer systems as well as mobile devices, such as smartphones and so-called wearables. These require modern authentication models, for example behavior-based and continuous authentication.

Another key issue is the privacy of data, in particular the traceability of users as well as data exfiltration and detection of intellectual property as the intersection of the disciplines of data science and user privacy. So-called fingerprinting is used as a key technology in this context - a principle for the automated recognition of users, devices or patterns with the help of artificial intelligence. Mechanisms against the loss and theft of sensitive data from private individuals and companies are of particular interest here. Since IT security is essential for the modern business world, there are also new challenges in the areas of economics: The detection of business-damaging attempts at fraud in online commerce applications and models for differential privacy are among the current problems.

Several areas affecting user systems relate to the research field of machine learning. Artificial intelligence technologies are used in IT security primarily for the classification of threats, detection of fraud cases, and automated decision-making. Modern mechanisms of user recognition - both for authentication and for user tracking - are based on machine learning algorithms. Therefore, this key technology for intelligent IT security is a particular focus.
The aim of the research is "User-Centric IT Security" - practical IT security technologies with a focus on user systems. These include but are not limit to topics of authentication, privacy of data and users, as well as threat detection and mitigation on private computers, corporate systems, and mobile devices.

The partners of the user-centric IT security competence center address the topics of interest in theory and practice. Research insights and practical aspects comprise a holistic view of cyber security on user systems.

University of Münster, IT Security, Institute for Information Systems

viadee GmbH, Münster

University of Münster, Institute for Medical Informatics

University of Liechtenstein, Data and Application Security